We offer:
Hydrography, geology and geophysics in marine and inland waters
Survey for sand and gravel exploration
Pipeline depth of burial survey
Cable and pipeline survey
Search and recovery
Survey for all kind of water-engeneering
Site selection, pre-/post dredging survey, port construction
Current measuring

Our equipment:
Echosounder, high resolution reflection seismics, subbottom profiler, geoelectrics (for use on water), Sidescan Sonar, vibrocorer, grab-sampler, DGPS and laser tracing, ADCP, survey boats and ships for all kind of environment

Our staff:
geologists, geophysicists, survey  engineers

We specialize in:
High resolution reflection seismics in shallow waters (rivers), problems in dredging for sand and gravel, 
detection of buried pipelines and objects, site survey for horizontal drilling (river crossings)

We develop and sale:
Reflection seismic equipment, power supply Pulsar 2002, UWAK transducers, hydrophones, streamer, seismic data aquisition system NWC

Years of international experience