The PULSAR 2002 is a new concept in capacitor discharge type power supplies for electro- dynamic acoustic sources and sparkers.
The PULSAR 2002 power supply features three easily adjustable energy/power settings, both on a single or on two separate channels, to produce the requested energy/pulse-rate for optimum subbotton penetration and resolution, up to 2 KJ/second and 0.5 KJ per pulse. Extremely flexible on power requirements, the PULSAR 2002 can be powered directly  - with no setting - for 100 to 250 volts, single to 3 phases AC, 45 . . . 65 Hz and with 100 to 270 volts, DC . A special electronic design permits to set the maximum input power in four steps, from 1 to 2.5 kilowatts, with no starting surge currents. Thus, the PULSAR 2002 can be powered by very small electric power generators, capable of powering both the power supply and the recording system on the same line.
A selectable internal/external trigger system enables great flexibility with a repetition rate adjustable from 0.01 to 10 p.p.s.
With its little power requirements, large output on up to two channels at high p.p.s. rate, no input surges, little weight, the PULSAR 2002 system is the best solution for high resolution seismic surveys, and furthermore if small crafts are to be used.


    AC , 1-phase , 100...250 V , 45...65 Hz.
    AC , 3-phase , 100...250 V , 45...65 Hz.
    (for operation at 380 V an external transformer is required)

    DC , 100...270 V.

    Input protected with 3 fuses , 25 A , 500 V , 10x38 mm.

    Will not exceed, even for short surges, the input - power limit which can be set at one of these (nominal) levels: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 kW.
    Power limit may vary about + 15% from nominal, with low values occurring at low input voltage.

    INPUT POWER FACTOR : At full power :

    AC , 1-phase : 0.97
    AC , 3-phase : 0.92

    EFFICIENCY, OVERALL : 84% , at full power, 220 V input.

    CHARGING VOLTAGE : Adjustable from less than 2,5 kV to 4.3 kV.   Meter displays peak voltage.

    ENERGY: Internally selectable within 3 levels on each channel independently:

    Cap. (microfarad)                      Energy (joules)

    40                                             150
    80                                             300
    120                                           450


    Min value = 0.01
    Max value = 10. p.p.s. ( Capacitor design limit)

    Energy (joules)     Max rate (pps)

    150                     14
    300                      7
    450                     4.7

    The machine is available in one or two channel version
    Tabulated values are for 220 V operation. At lower input voltage , the max PRR may decrease down to 20 ... 30%.
     If the input power limit is set to a value less than the maximum, the max PRR will be scaled down  in proportion.

    TRIGGER SOURCE: Internal or external. Repetition rate adjustable from 0.01 to over 10 p.p.s.A meter displays the pulse rate.

    TRIGGER INPUT: Isolated BNC input. AC coupled, 1.5 kohm impedance, leading - edge sensitive, minimum pulse - selectable width 10 microsec. , amplitude 3 V to 20 V.

    TRIGGER OUTPUT: Isolated BNC output, positive - going pulse, 5...25 microsec. selectable duration , 3 V into 50 ohm.

    SAFETY FEATURES: Interlock circuit detects case opening and unmated HV connectors ; " NO TRIGGER " circuit detects absence of input trigger for 3 minutes. The unit is deenergized and the capacitors are discharged in less than 10 sec.