The UWAK 05 transducer offers an optimum combination between resolution and penetration in subbottom profiling.
The electro-dynamic sound source (“Boomer” like) fits idealy to the PULSAR 2002 power supply. Short pulse duration and rapid damping give a broad frequency bandwidth of ca. 300 Hz to ca. 22 kHz and outstanding resolution.
The solid design of the UWAK 05 allows high puls rates with high output energy and excellent signature repeatability.
Penetration is typical up to 150m in soft mud and ca. 20m - 30m  in sand and gravel.
The resolution -limit near the bottom is better than 20cm.
The UWAK 05 transducer is usable in water depth between ca. 0.8m and ca. 300m. It is ideal for applications like geophysics in marine and inland waters, survey for sand and gravel exploration, pipeline depth of burial survey, cable and pipeline survey, search and recovery, survey for all kind of water-engeneering, site selection, pre-/post dredging survey, port construction.
A  special construction of the UWAK 05 allows easy replacement and repair of all internal parts!

UWAK 05 Specifications:

Input Power:
2.5 KV - 4.5 KV
Max. 500 Joules/pulse
Max. 8 pulses/sec at 150 Joules (1200 Joules/sec.)

Pulse length: ca. 0.1 ms

Frequency range: ca. 300 Hz - 22 kHz


38cm * 38cm * 9cm
Weight (air) ca. 22 kg

We offer one year of warranty
Every single unit of the device (even the internal coil) can be replaced and renewed.

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